Does your maid service come with a guarantee?

Pretty House Company offers the very best guarantee in the business. You have an unprecedented 7 days to contact us if you are not 100% satisfied following our service. We will return and re-clean your home until you are completely satisfied. The Pretty House Company 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is unique in the industry and sure to bring you peace of mind.


Are you bonded and insured?

Pretty House Company takes great pride is protecting our customers and their homes. For that reason we are both bonded and insured. While we take the utmost care in your home, on occasion, accidents occur. When appropriate, insurance claims are filed.


Do I have to be home when your staff arrives?

No, it is not necessary to be home when we arrive, but the choice is completely yours. Many customers provide our team with a key that is secured in our office when not in use. An alternative, but not recommended solution, is to leave a key hidden in a safe place. If we arrive but cannot enter your home to clean, a $30 lockout fee is charged. Please remember to turn off alarm systems during scheduled cleaning times.


How do you keep my keys safe?

We keep a locked security box for house keys, which are identified by number only. The only person who can access that box is the Branch Manager. On your scheduled cleaning day, the Manager issues your key to the team member who will clean your home and collects it from that person at the end of the day, returning it to the security box.


Who will clean my home?

Pretty House Company dispatches teams to clean the homes of our customers. Depending on your preference and needs, that team may consist of one, two or three individuals. The Quality Control Supervisor may also stop by your home during the scheduled cleaning time to ensure that our standards are being met and your special requests are taken care of.


Will the same team member clean my home each time?

Our goal is to always send the same team to your home each time a cleaning is scheduled. However, circumstances, such as weather, sickness, holidays, accidents and scheduling conflicts, may require us to send a different team to your home on occasion.


What time will your maid service arrive at my home?

Our normal hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Scheduling prevents us from giving a specific time that we will arrive at your home. However, we do make every effort to respect your time preferences. Saturday & Same Day Service is available upon request and at a higher rate.


How long will it take your service to clean my home?

Our teams average 1.5 to 3 hours to clean a home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Actual times vary depending on the size and condition of the home.


Do I have to do anything before my scheduled service?

In order to provide the best quality service, it is helpful if you spend a few minutes collecting personal clothing, toys and other household items. If our maid has less to pick up, she can concentrate more on actually cleaning.


Do I provide equipment or supplies?

No, we provide our own equipment and supplies, unless you prefer that we use yours.


What supplies should I have on hand?

None, unless you choose to provide your own supplies. If that is the case we recommend sponges, paper towels, trash bags, a vacuum, mop and broom. Cleaning supplies should include Windex, Pine-Sol, Soft Scrub, Tilex, Clorox Cleaner, Easy Off and Wood Floor Cleaner. If you prefer Green Cleaning, we recommend Clorox Green Works.


Is there anything your team won’t clean?

For sanitary reasons, our maids will not clean blood, vomit, human or pet feces and urine.


How do I give your cleaning team special instructions?

If you have special instructions, please contact our Customer Service Department directly at 678-856-7421 or email us at info@prettyhousecompany.com. Leaving a note at home does not guarantee instructions will be seen.


What type of cleaning service do I request if my home is under repair or has been recently remodeled?

When scheduling your appointment, be sure to inform your Account Manager about recent renovations or repairs, so he can schedule a Custom Cleaning or Deep Cleaning, to make sure you get the service you need.


Do I need to do anything special with my pets on cleaning day?

For a true pet lover we understand that it’s difficult to decide from one company to the next. It is our goal to maintain the comfort of your pets in your own home. If your pet is an aggressive breed we simply request that you take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure the safety of both our team member and your pets.


Please Email or Call Us Now  at 678-856-7421 !!


What is Block Cleaning?

Block Cleaning is a customized solution that our Company offers its customers. It is the ideal solution for who prefer additional items not included in your typical cleaning. You provide the prioritized To-Do List and our maid will clean according to your request. Our maid will tackle the items on your list in order, completing what can be reasonably be achieved in that time period. If you need a full house cleaning, contact your Sales Advisor and schedule the Standard Service.


What if utilities are off the day a cleaning is scheduled?

With Move In/Move Out services, occasionally a team arrives at a home and the utilities are not on. If that is the case, you will need to re-schedule your service for another day and will incur a $50 inconvenience fee. In addition, rescheduling fees will also apply.


What happens if I am still moving out on the day a cleaning is scheduled?

If you have not completely moved out of a home on the day of a Move Out cleaning, a $50 inconvenience fee will be charges. Because of the constraints of items still onsite, we cannot offer our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee in such cases also. Please ensure that you will have vacated the home prior to our scheduled cleaning for best results.


What happens when my scheduled cleaning falls on a public holiday and your office is closed?

If your regularly scheduled cleaning happened to fall on a major holiday, we will contact you prior to the day of your service, to ensure that you don’t miss your visit.


Are contracts required?

No, we offer a variety of services, with varying frequency to meet every need. However, when you opt for regularly scheduled cleaning services, we can offer quantity discounts. If you need to stop at any point, simply call or email us.


Are there any penalties for stopping regularly scheduled cleaning services?

You get the best price possible when you get at least 3 consecutive cleanings. If you cancel before the third cleaning, a $50 fee is charged.


How do I pay for your services?

We accept all payment methods: cash, check, debit and credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. However, our preferred method of payment is cash or check. All credit card transactions will incur a $4.99 processing fee, in addition to our regular service fees. Payment is due in full on the day cleaning is completed.