Why Choose Us?

  1. white-glove testOur Environmental Cleaning Techs gets the job done.
  2. Our Quality Control Clean Reports informs our clients of any janitorial opportunities (problems), within the scope of services. (i.e.; broken dispensers, commode, faucet, etc.)
  3. We guarantee a 24hr. turn-around time to resolve the opportunity.
  4. We view all opportunities as customer satisfaction, which is the pathway to success.
  5. At PHC  we are currently mentoring young men in our community with leadership characteristics; developing  professionalism, loyalty, and integrity.  “Our Future Business Leaders.”
  6. PHC will provide management, supervision, properly trained labor, equipment, insurance and transportation to deliver quality services and products.


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  1. To Build Trust, Respect in every relationship.
  2. To Deliver Affordable & Sustainable Products and Service
  3. We Focus on Quality, Dependability, Professionalism
  4. To honor our Service Commitment for Quality to Customers, Employees and the Community.


We believe in partnering with communities through our Referral Program, Charity Work, Internship/Apprentice Program. Share in our vision and  join us in building  more eco-friendly communities!