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Staging & Declutter Your Home

Get Organize 

Pretty House Company Makeover Team will de-clutter and create storage solutions for any room in the house!

You name it, we’ll redesign and make it over better!

Our process is simple:

We start with a Makeover Consultation

We draw up rough space plans, decorating plans, storage solutions, and customized furniture ideas with an estimated budget.

We de-clutter any cluttered spaces using a “clean sweep” method.

Note: We will also hold a garage sale and/or remove (or haul) items to a charity (or dump).  

  • We prepare a final, detailed floor plan with final budget for approval.
  • We prep the room.
  • We paint and lay down flooring (as desired).
  • We construct any customized furniture pieces or walls or room enhancers (as desired).
  • We shop for new furniture pieces (within budget).
  • We install any lighting (as laid out in the approved plans).
  • We finish off the room with the new furniture and final touches (accessorize with art, etc.).

Then You Maintain

Cleaning Services

Pretty House Company will be providing customers with environmentally safe cleaning services using products that are non-toxic upon decomposition, and which are based on naturally derived raw materials whenever possible.

Pretty House Company has no true competitors that are trying to offer a high quality environmentally friendly cleaning service. Most are using products that contain chlorine bleaches, ammonia, petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  Breathing the fumes of some of these cleaners in the home can be damaging to one’s health and to the environment, and increased ventilation is usually necessary.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe we need powerful chemical disinfectants, such as bleach, pine and ammonia cleaners to really clean. Chemical disinfectants only temporarily clean with long term, hazardous effects to us and the environment. There are many accidents each year caused from mixing bleach with other cleaning products. Most homes in New Construction cleaning will have run-off directly into the yard and the toxic cleaning chemicals being used is absorbed into the soil.   See our  Cleaning Tips

Therefore, Pretty House Company will provide our customers with environmentally safe cleaning services, which will contribute to an eco-friendly environment for the future.   Contact US

Cleaning Services


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Window Treatments

Textiles & Materials

The recycling of fabrics and other material preserves our natural resources, which promotes the Green Industry.  This Industry is not a fad but a Trillion Dollar Business, which has given birth to eco-friendly (environmentally sustainable) materials.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that “the U.S. Industry admits to releasing over 4  billion pounds of toxic chemicals a year.”  Textile  companies around the globe are adopting innovative “green” fabric processing techniques to bring fabric (fiber) environmental footprint in-line with sustainability goals in the world marketplace (see organic fiber).

Custom Design Drapes