Post Construction Cleaning Services

If you are a construction company or property owner who has completed construction on a new
site, and want a quality cleaning company to prepare the site for its official opening or before
moving in, think Pretty House Company.

We will immediately and thoroughly clean and vacuum floors, partitions, walls and whatever else
is necessary to make the site ready for move-in. We will dispose of all your post-construction
materials and meticulously clean your home, office or facility after or during your

Call us today!  We can customize a cleaning package for your needs.  

Please call us at 678-856-7421 or contact us.


If you are a builder, you know how difficult it is to find a single contractor that can perform from
top to bottom.  Construction cleaning requires a large scope of work to be performed during and
at the end of completion in order for a builder to fulfill their contract.  We provide detailed
cleaning services, window cleaning, garage floor sanding, and debris removal.

We customize the scope of work needed for your project and time-frame.  Projects do not always
flow as planned.  Our understanding of your business helps us to be flexible with your needs.
Scheduling the construction cleaning can be frustrating when multiple contractors are to be
counted on to complete their jobs on time.  Pretty House Company has the ability to get the job
done in a timely fashion so the homeowner can move in.                                                                                                                                BACK

We are competitively priced and deliver top quality detailed work.  Call us for an estimate for
your next construction project.

Our staff has an eye for detail and can come in quickly to provide an upkeep of model homes.
Customize your cleanings according to what you need. Most model home cleanings can cost as
little as $50 a week.  Keep your model homes well maintained for showing and increase your
level of first impressions from the prospective home buyer.