Deep Cleaning, De-Clutter and Get Organize

Deep Cleaning Services

It is that time of the year again that you dread the most- ‘the spring cleaning time’ and you are already panicking. Right? Irrespective of how regular you have been with standard cleaning throughout the year, helping maintain your abode in pristine condition, nothing, absolutely nothing can compensate for the quintessential task of deep cleaning.   Deep cleaning comes to rescue of those areas that are often neglected during standard cleaning like polishing windows, cleaning blinds, vacuuming carpets, cleaning and disinfecting sinks, showers, mirrors, fixtures, bathtubs and toilets. Deep cleaning ensures that your house comes up to high shining perfection and prevents you from playing catch up. No corner or area of the home or office is left unattended during the deep cleaning sessions be it the removal of the apparent cobwebs or cleaning of the insides of the drawers and cabinets in the bathroom.   While no matter how big a cleanliness enthusiast you are, accept it that you can’t go down and extract out every iota of dust and grime for the impossible corners. This is where experts come to your rescue. You can simply relax and let the deep cleaning experts handle the cumbersome task for you. Simply specify your cleaning requirements and get set to see your home shape up into a brand new avatar like never before.   So, wait no more and turn your ‘make it clean’ dream into reality by seeking help of a professional cleaning service, meeting your deep cleaning needs in the best possible manner.

De-Clutter has it “Advantages”

We come in and move all the “stuff” out of the way for you.  This can include dishes, clothes, toys, and more!!

How it Works:

  1. You decide how many hours you want us to declutter when scheduling appointment
  2. You must be present before this cleaning starts to show cleaner where items have to go in each room
  3. You must inspect & approve it before we can move on
  4. Once done inspecting the Decluttering, we can begin the house cleaning if you had it added too
  5. Prices are only $45 per hour with a minimum time of 2 hours.  This is separate from the prices you already were quoted for house cleaning.  Any decluttering must be done before the house cleaning or deep cleans are started.
    • Declutter “Advantages” can be applied to deep clean add-ons: Dishes, Laundry and Bed Linens.
    • Declutter “Advantages”  is Not organizing items, only moving them to their original location (within reason).  It is not suited for hoarding homes or major re-organization projects.
    • We do not move these items under any situation: jewelry, guns, ammo, weapons, electronics, china, money, checks, debit/credit cards, wallets, purses, prescription drugs or items outside.

In the event that your Declutter Advantage time booked is not enough for the cleaner to finish decluttering, it can only be extended if a) home office approves the request or b) you are OK with it taking time away from the standard house cleaning time allotted.

Now, you can REALLY relax and not have to clean your home so we can clean your home!


De-Clutter your home and bring your items and earn $$$$$$ at Pretty House Company!