The Pretty House Company out sources independent contractors, who are screened and monitored for quality control, for commit to Pretty House Company’s core values.  (link about us)

One of Pretty House Company’s sign on commitment will be for the member to donate 8 hours per 6 month cycle.  Our team will take part in rebuilding communities to join the effort in economic stabilization.

Home Maintenance and Remodeling Contractors Referral System will provide you the assurance that you need in receiving professional quality services.

Construction Referral List are:

  1. Pre-screened,
  2. Reliable,
  3. Affordable, and Dependable

Please enter your project information and a representative will contact you.

We invite small business owners in the housing industry to participate in “Partnerships Helping Communities Project.”

Commitment …

To form a network of professionals taking action in sustaining  each other through the referral service.

To volunteer 16hrs/per yr. in charity work (i.e. Habitat of Humanities, Hosea Williams Feed The Hungry).

To actively support internship/ apprenticeship program.

Membership: $50.00 Referral Service Dues


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