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The Pretty House Company is a full service company.  We make sure that your home is clean, our motto is “A Clean Home is A Health Home.” . We offer a wide variety of additional home cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning services and window cleaning services, and special project work that gives you a one-stop shop for all of your home services needs.

This is a complete listing of the additional home cleaning services provided by The Pretty House Services. Some house cleaning services are not available in all locations. For a more detailed description of the additional home cleaning maid services available in your area, contact your local The Maids Home Services office.

Carpet Maintenance
The  carpet cleaning service is one of a kind. We utilize a fast-drying GLS carpet cleaning machine to clean your carpets thoroughly and quickly. Using little moisture, your carpet is clean and dry in just over an hour, much faster than conventional steam-extraction methods. Our professionally trained carpet cleaning technicians will visit your home every three to six months to help you maintain beautiful, clean carpets, even in high-traffic areas. Regular carpet cleaning helps maintain the life of your carpet and can improve indoor air quality, which in turn decreases the likelihood of allergy and asthma symptoms.

Window Washing
It may be part of your spring cleaning ritual, but washing windows in your house can be difficult, time-consuming, and for those high second story windows, dangerous. The Pretty House Services window washing service can do it all – inside and out. We can easily clean the interior and exterior of every window in your home quickly and to the quality you demand.

Move-In / Move-Out Cleans
Are you buying or selling a home? Our services offers a comprehensive Move-In / Move-Out house and apartment cleaning service to fit your needs. Whether you are leaving for the last time or just moving in, you will have a house that sparkles and looks like new.

Same Day Service
Are your hands full planning that big dinner party? Take a load off your back with a call to The Pretty House Services. We offer a Same Day Service package that is the answer to your immediate home cleaning and maid service needs. Your guests will marvel at your clean home, and you can take all the credit – without the extra legwork!

Special Projects to Fit Your Needs
The Pretty House Services can work with you to find a special project that best fits your needs. Contact our local office to speak to a sales representative to learn more.  Some of our most popular special projects include:


Oven/Grill Cleaning Service
Refrigerator Cleaning Service
Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Service
Wood Floor Cleaning Service
Tile Floor Cleaning Service
Concrete Floor Cleaning Service
At Home Drapery Cleaning Service
Wall Cleaning Service
Chandelier Cleaning
Light Fixtures
Mirrored Walls
Garage Cleaning Service
Vacuum Mattresses
Wood Paneling Cleaning Service
Furnace Filter Changing Service